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Majority of U.S. Mayors Say Poverty Is Their Top Concern

While the growing divide between “coastal elites” and Middle America has been a hot topic in recent months, many mayors from red and blue states have strikingly similar policy priorities, according to a survey released Tuesday by the Boston University Initiative on Cities. The 2016 Menino Survey of Mayors, now in its third year (see

How to improve the lives of one billion people in slums

Public health experts say one of the problems associated with living in a slum—too many people in close proximity—can be a benefit. A single intervention can simultaneously improve many lives in one densely packed community. They call it the “neighborhood effect.” Massive slums have become major features of cities in many low- and middle-income countries.

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The urban poor need better transit systems

Many of the world’s most important cities are expanding without adequate transportation planning, new research warns, making it more difficult than ever for the world’s poor to access jobs, education and other social services. In other words, major cities around the world are severely lacking efficient transit systems in their suburbs – which are increasingly becoming

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