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Uber’s Great Idea to Offer their Drivers Equity at IPO Price

Uber and Lyft, the two ride-hailing giants, both are planning initial public offerings of their stock. And both of them are doing something interesting: offering their most valuable drivers cash bonuses that can be exchanged for equity at the IPO price — giving them the opportunity to buy in on the same terms as the

One Way to Fix Uber: Let Drivers Become Owners

Chobani CEO Hamdi Ulukaya made a big splash last year by giving 10 percent of his company to employees — to the tune of roughly $150,000 per staffer. “I’ve built something I never thought would be such a success, but I cannot think of Chobani being built without all these people,” he reportedly said at

How This Uber Competitor Is Using Employee Ownership To Take On The Ride-share Giant

We read a lot these days about how startups seek to “disrupt” the status quo and to “eat the lunch” of their entrenched competitors. A prime example of a growing company that did just that is Uber, the now ubiquitous car-sharing service that completely turned the world’s taxi fleets on their heads. Uber’s disruptive efforts

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