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5 communications tips to market sustainability

While consumers are increasingly interested in buying products that are better for the environment and for people than the alternative, three factors involving communications often prevent them from doing so: not enough information; gaps in trust; and confusion. These are some top insights derived from The Conference Board’s recently published global survey of 32,000 consumers in 64

One Small Thing You Can Do To Save The Planet: Switch To Green Energy

Thinking about the climate emergency and sustainability can be overwhelming. The problem is so huge, the stakes are so high and the solutions can seem so complex, it is much easier to just not think about it. Deciding how to tackle the problem and improve the sustainability performance of a business can be even more difficult for

EU heads promise to stick with sustainability in COVID-19 recovery

Members of the European Council added a reference to the green transition to the draft joint statement after a virtual summit. Prime ministers and presidents of EU countries urged officials on all levels to integrate sustainability measures in efforts to heal the economy from the damage amid the COVID-19 outbreak. The European Union must integrate

Financing, technology, sustainability and data to reduce the gender gap

2020 is a crucial year for women and girls, everywhere. We celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Fourth World Conference on Women and adoption of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action. It also marks the five-year milestone of the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals. This year’s 64th Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) was deemed

Why sustainability is key to business success

Gone are the days when discussions of sustainability risks and opportunities for business were the preserve of the few. In fact, it’s rare for a week to go by without another company committing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero, minimise the use of plastic or ensure suppliers subscribe to new labour standards. At the

Impact: The New Narrative For Long-Term Business Growth

When all the UN Member States adopted the Sustainable Development Goals in 2015, this marked the beginning of a journey aiming to unite all actors under the same umbrella in driving an equitable future for all, enabling thriving economies and living in harmony with the environment. Ever since, sustainability has started to be more and more

Baking sustainability into talent management

Communication, emotional intelligence and problem-solving are just some of the attributes companies currently prize when looking for talent. However, it’s recently emerged that sustainability recruitment is being overlooked in the interview room, which could come at a real cost for any company not making it a procurement priority. The disconnect has been highlighted by research

More companies want to be “carbon neutral.” What does that mean?

Within the past six months, I’ve received a slew of pitches for products and services that all sound eerily similar: a “climate positive” parka and burger, a “carbon negative” vodka, a “carbon neutral” shipping service, a “carbon zero” commuting app, and “zero carbon” coffee. For scientists and environmentalists, these phrases have been around for a while, but it’s only recently that companies,

4 things you should know about sustainability reporting practices

A new report by The Conference Board reveals the latest trends in sustainability reporting. The analysis examined how nearly 6,000 companies in 26 countries are reporting on more than 90 environmental and social practices, ranging from greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to boardroom diversity to water consumption. As companies prepare for the sustainability reporting season, here are four

Green is the New Black With “Sustainability in Our Closets”

It is 2020 and the Earth has seen more wear and tear in this short Anthropocene of ours than in its own history of 4.5 billion years. The cause is blaring louder and louder in our faces every day through climate marches, poorly directed plastic straw bans and 16 year old activists: there is an

Consumers torn between sustainability and convenience, research shows

Visual media archive Getty Images has this week launched an innovative new approach to understanding consumer priorities on key issues such as sustainability and technology, aiming to illuminate what shapes consumer priorities and how firms can use visual imagery to help address their concerns. Getty's new system - which it names "Visual GPS" - combines

11 Fashion Companies Leading The Way In Sustainability

The fashion industry is known for creating trends, and now it’s working on its most important trend yet: sustainability. And unlike some questionable fashion decisions, this is a trend all consumers can get behind. We know even Nordstrom is now selling used clothing. Everyone is starting to wake up to the fact that the consumer

What happens when we consider sustainability as a lifestyle choice?

Over the past couple of years, we have spent time observing the swell of conversation around sustainability. Our society and politics has become dominated by a debate that, in this so-called age of outrage, feels as polarising as Brexit. Beyond the headlines garnered by the media, Greta Thunberg and our politicians, to what extent are

Ethical investing: trying out stocks without compromising your values

First-time investors have always faced a number of off-putting factors when deciding what to do with their money – not least the financial risk, confusing jargon and sheer range of options. On top of that, there is now growing concern over the ethical impact of where you put your money, whether it’s environmental or social. This is our

Walmart Challenges Amazon On Sustainability

As I mentioned in my article introducing this series last week, John Furner, President and CEO of Walmart US, stated during NRF, “The role of corporations has changed, and it’s not about simply creating shareholder value anymore, but creating great employment opportunities, making a difference in the environment, and adding value to the customer.” As demand for

Five Things Retailers And Brands Need To Know About Sustainability

It’s the word you hear every day when you shop: sustainability. But what does it mean and what should companies be doing about it? The Conference Board has just completed an exhaustive worldwide study of 30,000 consumers in 64 markets and has some definitive answers to those questions. Here are the five most important takeaways. 1. What

3 Ways You Can Bring Sustainability to Your Workplace

You don’t have to search too hard to find a company flexing its green credentials. There are startups like co-working company Upflex, which plants a tree for every booking it receives. Then there are the industry behemoths. Recently, massive asset-management firm BlackRock announced its plan to shift away from investing in companies that contribute to the climate crisis. A January

Sustainability Has To Be A Core Business Principle, Not A Marketing Strategy

With the word itself putting many consumers off, sustainability has become tainted with rampant greenwashing and misleading communication. And, while the headline may appear obvious, few organisations understand it fully. In the early stages of what will be a defining decade to come, it’s time over for business as usual to ensure a change in mindset filters

Sustainability in the supply chain

Companies big and small are making more serious commitments to sustainability, quality and the environment. These companies are not implementing sustainable practices because of legal regulations. Most companies are implementing those practices because they understand that with better care for social and environmental resources comes an improved reputation and increased satisfaction among customers, contractors, investors

Sustainability in a small place: the Spanish Basque Country as a 21st Century model

The 21st Century is not working out the way many of us hoped: we witness the failure of nations and politicians to address the climate crisis, as well as social unrest in many countries over the failure of a neoliberal economic model that has neglected social equity and environmental sustainability. The Financial Times has even called