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Heeding the lessons of ‘sustainability vets’

We are both part of “Sustainability Veterans,” an informal group of professionals who have had leadership roles in the world of corporate sustainability and are exploring new ways to further engage and make a difference. We see value in bringing together our collective intellectual, experiential, emotional and social capital — independent from any individual company

Giving sustainability a real seat at the table

High-street fashion is in a stir. For the first time, one of the world’s four largest fashion houses, Stockholm-based H&M, has a woman at the helm. But it’s not only gender that marks out Helena Helmersson, it’s her CV.

Helmersson has bounced around a number of functions during her 22-year career at H&M. After a stint

Can we do good without it really costing anything?

Book Review: Anand Giridharadas, Winners Take All: The Elite Charade of Changing the World (Penguin, 2019)

It’s a seductive idea – the notion that we can “do good” for people and the planet while also profiting from the status quo, that we can make a difference without it really costing us anything.

This idea is at the heart of what

The Best Advice Sustainability Leaders Shared in 2019

Conversations with dozens of sustainability leaders from around the world for Environment + Energy Leader produced numerous insights this year.

In-depth Q&As with executives covered a wide range of focus areas from resource management and circular design to energy efficiency and renewables procurement. Our editorial team also interviewed many 2019 E+E100 honorees in Denver at