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Amid The Pandemic, It’s Time To Double-Down On Sustainability

In the ongoing pandemic crisis, organizations are reviewing each aspect of their tech spend to help them stay afloat. However, sustainability initiatives must be exempt from this scrutiny. This is because continuity is paramount to its success and, more importantly, its specific initiatives are often synonymous with saving money and reducing waste. Sustainability must remain on the list because its specific initiatives are often synonymous with saving

How Leading Global Companies Are Using Sustainability As A Market Differentiator

It’s no secret that Millennials and Gen-Z are different than their previous generational counterparts. As the ability to connect and learn more about a company has improved in the last few years, their desire to see programs, services, and investments that make a difference in the environment and the world are becoming an increasingly larger

Food for thought on sustainability

Sustainability may be a big buzzword in business, but for chartered accountant Ravi Abeywardana it’s a basic part of his job. As Finance for Sustainability Lead at global food and agri-business Olam International, he has the task of working out how sustainability principles can be worked into the profit and loss account.

It’s a challenge. Farming was

Coronavirus is changing the way we recycle waste and it’s not all bad news

Coronavirus, and the many restrictions and rules it has imposed upon us, has justifiably drawn almost all of our attention as we attempt to flatten the curve. With the radical changes made to our lives in just a few weeks, the way we run our households, work and even prepare meals has shifted.

For some