6 ways social innovators are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic

  • The COVID-19 pandemic increases the need for social innovations to help those most vulnerable.
  • Here are six examples of social innovators creating solutions, from communicating facts, offering telehealth services and creating microfinance loans.

Social innovators, disruptors in the service of others in situations where traditional actors or the market have failed,

Righting the power imbalance between funders and NGOs

  • There is a dramatic imbalance of power and lack of real dialogue between funders and social entrepreneurs.
  • Funders’ exertion of power manifests in compromises, ethical knots and budgetary jeopardy.
  • Some funders are showing a willingness to grapple with the power dynamic.

In September, five major US foundations pledged to do more

Can Measures Change the World?

It is often said that “what gets measured gets done.” This common phrase implicitly frames measurement not just as a tool for capturing information about systems but also as an intervention itself. This belief in the transformative power of measurement may partially explain the huge sums of money spent each year by governmental, nongovernmental,

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