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Inequality doesn’t just make pandemics worse – it could cause them

A lot has been written about how this pandemic is exacerbating social inequalities. But what if it’s because our societies are so unequal that this pandemic happened? There is a school of thought that, historically, pandemics have been more likely to occur at times of social inequality and discord. As the poor get poorer, the

Social inequality more impactful on well-being than income inequality

Boston Consulting Group’s Sustainable Economic Development Assessment (SEDA) suggests that the correlation between well-being and social equality is stronger than that between income equality and well-being. Likewise, those individuals in countries with high levels of social equality tend to be happier than those without. SEDA makes an objective measurement of well-being by examining and analyzing

Impact Investing and the Pursuit of Social Equity

There’s great potential for impact investing to decrease income equality in the United States, but for that to happen, investors need to pay more attention to how they structure their investments.  Impact investing is on the ascendency, with more than $60 billion in assets under management and the potential for that number to grow quickly