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Maximising Outcomes in Impact Investing

There is an emerging consensus that relying on the invisible hand of markets to create societal value is not good enough. Evolving societal norms and regulatory pressures have rendered deliberate consideration of societal impact a necessity for business. Investors’ own genuine desire to not just do well but also do good is leading them to

Survey on ESG and sustainability says…

Interest in ESG or “environment, social and corporate governance” issues has increased greatly in recent years.

It has been driven by a number of factors, including investors seeking to avoid reputational risk, which has been more prominent following news events such as the Hayne Royal Commission, and concerns around climate change and

Impact investing goes public

Despite the many societal challenges associated with the internet, viral news and social media, these digital forces have produced at least one great benefit for humanity: they’ve helped to put a human face on capitalism.

When a factory collapses on innocent workers overseas, when a wildfire wreaks havoc on communities during a drought, or

2018 Sneak Peek: What to Expect of Impact Investing

Impact investing—the strategy of investing in companies with the intent of bettering the environment and society while still earning a market rate-of-return—gained momentum in 2017 amid rising investor interest and high-profile opportunities from the likes of alternative-investment firms TPG and Bain Capital Management.

TPG raised $2 billion for The Rise Fund, a social

Responsible Investing: Red Cross launches humanitarian impact bond

The social impact bond (SIB) mechanism is becoming an important tool for tackling social and environmental problems. While this form of investment is not usually the most obvious source of yield for bond investors, it has become more popular in recent years as a means for private investors to give back to the community and

Responsible investing grows even as opinions remain divided, RBC Global Asset Management Survey Finds

Two-thirds of institutional investors use environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations as part of their investment approach, and 25% expect to increase their allocation to managers with ESG-based investment strategies within one year, according to a global survey by RBC Global Asset Management (RBC GAM). While these results suggest that responsible investing has moved into

5 investment trends behind growth in sustainable and impact investing

Money talks, especially when you have almost $9 trillion at play.  The total dollars invested in the United States through sustainable, responsible and impact investing reached $8.72 trillion in 2016, up 33% from 2014, according to the US SIF Foundation’s latest biennial “Report on US Sustainable, Responsible and Impact Investing Trends.”

Increasingly, money managers and institutional

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