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European firms leading global drive for sustainable business

The professional services giant’s Change Readiness Index, published late last week, ranks 140 nations on how effectively their policymakers and business communities prepare for, and respond to, major changes – from digitisation, to conflict and global warming. It ranks business action on rapid change based on a metric it dubs ‘Enterprise Sustainability’, which takes into

Corporate purpose requires a mindset shift

Tough talk is over for responsible business. With big issues such as climate breakdown, plastic pollution and modern slavery making headlines every day, surely the time to act is now? According to Dr Wayne Visser, professor of integrated value and sustainable transformation at Antwerp Management School, the question is not whether companies act, but how. “It matters whether their responsible

Where Is The Ethical Tech?

Where indeed? With the increasing frequency and strength of tech companies coming a cropper, from Facebook being heralded as a threat to democracy on account of its unregulated media power or Uber being fined into the millions in both the U.K. and U.S. on account of data breaches the organisation grossly mishandled, what’s evident is that closer examination of

US Investors Slow to Adopt Sustainable Investing

The U.S. has the lowest adoption rate of sustainable investing among 10 major markets at 12% of investors, compared with 39% globally, according to the latest edition of the UBS Investor Watch report. China, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates and Italy lead the charge, with 60%, 53%, 53% and 51% of investors, respectively, reporting sustainable investment

How doing good can help grow your business

Is corporate social responsibility (CSR) an occasional standalone activity for your company? A sidebar on your website? A permanent line item on the corporate bucket list? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you’re missing an opportunity to attract new talent and win customers. How effective is CSR for driving growth? A recent PwC Global

How social movements are becoming part of corporate life

As #MeToo bloomed into a fully formed social movement in late 2017, PricewaterhouseCoopers’ D.C. office gathered for a meeting. The staff of the professional services firm had already received an email from U.S. Chairman and Senior Partner Tim Ryan in the days following a New York Times story revealing decades of sexual harassment complaints against Hollywood producer

5 Reasons Social Responsibility Is a Step in the Right Direction for Small Business

The business terrain is one that changes much faster than most -- basically because the way business is done evolves based on cultural changes, changes in technology and even generational changes. It's safe to say that at all times, at least one of these things is changing. We are in the era of giving back and

Can Business Schools Make Companies Ethical?

Corporate misanthropes are nothing new, but Martin Shkreli is a special case. He became one of the most hated men in America for awhile when he gained the rights to a lifesaving drug and then boosted the price by 5,000%, basically because he could. That wasn’t illegal, just casually cruel. Shkreli got an undergraduate business degree

What’s The Difference Between Business Etiquette And Business Ethics?

The rules of both business ethics and business etiquette are the foundations of strong, productive professional relationships. You wouldn’t want to do business with people who worked for an organization that had little regard for either ethics or etiquette. Business etiquette is important to commerce, but business ethics is vastly more important. Here’s why. Business etiquette

Sense in sustainability: the rewards of responsible business

Boards are beginning to acknowledge that sustainability is no longer a siloed concept, but a crucial strategy at the heart of responsible business.  Sustainability has become more than a trendy buzzword in business in the past few years as an increasing number of companies are putting it at the centre of their strategies. Boards are

Blockchains and responsible business

Contracts, transaction and their record form the foundation of our economic, legal and political systems. They help protect assets and set boundaries of an organisation. They are critical to establishing the and verifying identities and chronicling events. They govern interactions among organisations, communities, and individuals. And, they guide managerial and social action. The digital transformation

Proof Positive people and planet equal profit

It is easy to dismiss social impact as the latest CSR fashion: valuable in marketing to socially aware millennials and in staff recruitment, certainly, but difficult to adopt into a business in any material way. But news earlier in the summer from Atlanta-based Interface, the world’s largest modular carpet company, that it has developed a

The next big corporate trend? Actually having ethics.

As San Francisco celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love, the city (and its now nearly indistinguishable sibling, Silicon Valley) are watching a very different summer play out: A Summer of Ethics. In yet another iteration of a story that’s feeling all too familiar, three female entrepreneurs accusedBinary Capital co-founder Justin Caldbeck of sexual

This Executive Believes Businesses Have An Obligation To Make A Positive Impact

“Businesses hold most of the resources in the world, and I believe they have a responsibility to be part of the solution to many of the world’s most pressing challenges: poverty, hunger, climate change, etc. The state of the world demands that businesses step up to do their part.” So says Atlanta McIlwraith, senior manager