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Impact Investing VS Investing With Impact

Right now, interest in impact investing is experiencing explosive growth as the concept continues to capture the attention of mainstream investors the world over. In fact, The Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) estimates the current size of the global impact investing market to be around $502 billion. While many are fully invested in making an impact, there's

How Impact Investing Can Amplify Philanthropic Efforts

For years, philanthropy and investing have been treated as separate disciplines—one championing social change, the other financial gain. The idea that the two approaches could be integrated in the same deals once struck most philanthropists and investors as far-fetched. Not anymore. Impact investing, which seeks to generate social and/or environmental benefits while delivering a financial

Philanthrocapitalism and the future of giving

“Wealth is not new. Neither is charity. But the idea of using private wealth imaginatively, constructively and systematically to attack the fundamental problems of mankind is new.” So said John Gardner, the former president of the Carnegie Corporation, and he’s right: philanthropy has a long history. In Ancient Greece, the word philanthropia meant only “love for mankind”

Grants Roundup: $64 Million From Bloomberg for Clean-Energy Programs

Here are notable new grant awards compiled by The Chronicle: Vertex Pharmaceuticals $500 million over 10 years to create Vertex Foundation, to help people with cystic fibrosis, and to support education programs and health and wellness efforts for youths. Bloomberg Philanthropies $64 million to support the Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal campaign and other organizations working

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Impact Investing—Five Trends Advisors Need to Know

Impact investing is one of the hottest topics on advisors’ radar screens, with studies showing expanding interest among key client groups, rapid growth in assets under management and widespread adoption among investors seeking to align their portfolios with their personal values. According to US SIF, the forum for sustainable and responsible investment, which produces a

A Field Guide To Truly Audacious Philanthropy

About 80% of the world’s richest philanthropic claim to want to invest in social change, but only 20% do. That well-documented fact dubbed the “aspiration gap” stems from the fact that tackling complex societal issues is far trickier than, say, just donating huge sums to your alma mater or building a new museum wing. Big