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Investing in Poverty Reduction

The tax legislation that US President Donald Trump signed into law last December will dramatically increase inequality and the federal budget deficit. Yet, hidden within it – and within budget legislation enacted in February – are two promising programs for helping state and local governments address the needs of disadvantaged Americans. The new tax law creates generous incentives to

More Governments Are Turning To Impact Bonds–But Do They Deliver?

Connecticut has a social impact bond (SIB) to help the kids of opioid-addicted parents. Massachusetts uses the same financial mechanism to help immigrants assimilate to the U.S. workforce. In Rajasthan, India, a coalition of banks and foundations is funding the world’s first “healthcare development impact bond,” hoping to reduce infant mortality. Social impact bonds are not bonds in

Pay-for-success Impact Bonds

The US government is again in the pay-for-success business. Slipped into the continuing resolution passed by Congress and signed by President Trump last week is $100 million for states and localities to use in programs that deliver higher rates of youth employment and high school graduation, and lower rates of asthma, diabetes, homelessness and recidivism among juvenile