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How Impact, Meaning, And Purpose Are Different (And Why You Should Care)

Purpose. Impact. These terms are thrown around more than ever these days, including in some unexpected places, like one of the world’s largest investor’s annual letter. Purpose statements are printed on everyday objects and impact investing or sustainability are as likely as gross margins to be discussed over lunch in some offices. We have yet,

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Value, growth, impact: how the lean startup approach can transform social enterprise

The lean startup framework has been used to transform the field of entrepreneurship, and is now being adopted by large enterprises as well. A number of social innovators and funds are also advocating and implementing the lean startup model for the social enterprise sector. Ann Mei Chang provides a comprehensive framework and extensive case studies

Three Community Feedback Tools for Impact Investors

Successful businesses continuously update their knowledge of what customers want.  Walmart collects more than 2.5 million gigabytes of customer data per hour and Yelp users post 26,380 reviews per minute. So why do many impact investors, who seek social, environmental, and economic returns on patient timelines, park customer insight at the door when they want to achieve multiple bottom lines?