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How do we stop impact metrics from becoming counterproductive?

According to a poll last year for the European Commission, almost seven in 10 EU citizens believe tackling poverty in developing countries should be one of its main priorities.

While this signals positive public support for the work of aid and development agencies around the world – and for the prominent

GIIN Report: Impact Measurement And Management Are Front And Center For Investors

New evidence that the world of impact investing is maturing: a newly released survey from the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN). Called The State of Impact Measurement and Management Practice, the GIIN’s second biennial report on the topic reveals that impact

Predicting a ‘Kilo of Impact’

Impact investments surpassed $502 billion in 2018 while philanthropic giving is conservatively estimated at $485 billion, adding up to about a trillion dollars in impact. But the dollars are easier to budget than the impact. Post-facto studies and longitudinal data collection methods are too costly and belated to provide investors with data they

The How-To: Measuring Outcomes Of Impact Investing

With the world facing different challenges, including the finite amounts of water, natural resources and land which all are already heavily tarnished by humans, as well as a less predictable climate, one of the major concerns is how to provide for nine billion people by 2050? Impact investing, which involves the placement

At the Heart of Impact Measurement, Listening to Customers

Impact measurement has been called many things: confusing, costly, even quixotic. According to an annual survey of impact investors by the Global Impact Investing Network(GIIN), unsophisticated measurement practice is one of the five biggest constraints to growing the impact investing market. But does assessing impact need to be so challenging?

If there’s one thing we’ve learned