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Greenwashing Is Real—Here’s How to Avoid It

Sustainability is so hot right now. While some brands create truly sustainable products or use closed-loop production methods, some brands are misusing terms to attract conscientious clientele. “Greenwashed” products use deceptive eco-friendly jargon without full transparency as a lucrative strategy to appease do-good consumers. As a result, well-intended shoppers unknowingly purchase products after being misled by phony green initiatives that promote

How Big a Deal Is BlackRock’s Sustainable-Investing Push?

For years, BlackRock (NYSE:BLK) CEO Larry Fink has used his annual letter to CEOs to tout the importance of social progress and challenge shortsighted businesses and governments that just focus on profitability. This year's letter made waves because he's finally putting his money where his mouth is by introducing some concrete steps in response to climate change. In sum, Fink's

An impact investing boom is under way

With concerns about climate change, human rightsand social justice dominating popular culture today, impact investing is experiencing a boom. The sector's phenomenal growth is being driven by investors who are not only seeking a healthy financial return, but also aiming to meet social or environmental goals. These twin desires are creating new opportunities and challenges for the "do

ESG investing risks becoming a victim of its own success

Sustainable investing is booming. The industry has spawned its own lingo—ESG, SASB, SRI, GRI—dedicated to describing this seemingly moral turn in the finance industry, where money is invested in ways that make the world a better place. After all, it feels good to generate a return while promoting the SDGs (that’s the UN’s sustainable development