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The ESG Megatrend Meets Green Bonds

It’s clear that sustainable investing has been thrown into the limelight.

Increasingly, investors are seeing both the financial and social imperative for sustainable investing. In particular, the rapid growth of green bonds—a fixed income investment that is designed to raise funds for the climate or environment—is booming.

The above infographic from Raconteur navigates the growing green bond market

The rise (and rise) of sustainability-linked finance

One of the silver linings of this horrific moment is the rise of loans, bonds and other financial instruments linked to sustainability outcomes. In this sense, “sustainability” is broadly defined to include environmental issues as well as social ones. And, more recently, a new subcategory of, yes, pandemic-related issues.

Indeed, the pandemic response is being financed

Future Returns: Investing in the Future of Waste

The problem of waste—too much of it, that is—is one everyone is aware of today, from bans on plastic bags and straws, to the increasing use of energy efficient LED lighting, to the boom in electric car production.

As with most things, these new trends can create opportunities for savvy investors.

UBS Global Wealth Management’s chief

The numbers suggest the green investing ‘mega trend’ is here to stay

  • 2019 saw a total of 479 green bonds issued worldwide, up by a quarter compared to the previous year.
  • And 2020 is set to be a “bumper” year for green bonds, according to Linklaters.
  • Hedge fund managers are also feeling the ethical squeeze, with growing investor demand the key driver in hedge fund ESG

Why it’s now easy being green in the bond world

I’ve written before about recent developments in fixed income sustainable investing, such as the increasing availability of ESG-focused bond indexes. Today I want to talk about a lesser known segment of the sustainable market: green bonds.  And once again I wanted to invite in one of BlackRock’s experts to help me explain the topic.  Please

A fixed-income investor’s guide to impact investing

As impact investing continues to grow — and into a nearly $9 trillion market, at that — many investors still remain focused on the equity side of their portfolios when it comes to aligning their holdings with their values. That doesn’t mean there aren’t opportunities for investors to be impactful with their fixed-income capital,

As ESG investments boom, asset managers seek out fixed-income options

Wall Street’s do-good investment boom is finally taking notice of the credit markets. Sustainable investment assets grew 37% last year, according to Bloomberg data, but the majority of those funds focus on stocks. That’s leading to some awkward conversations on Wall Street, as wealthy investors and foundations increasingly want to align their entire portfolios with