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Three Facts That Show Why Financial Literacy Is Especially Important For Women

First, my disclaimer: It’s important that women and men understand their finance! All adults need to have a basic understanding of money management. However, on average men are still the ones to manage the family long-term financial planning, including: savings, investments, retirement, management and insurance. A UBS survey of high net worth married women, widows, and divorcees found that while 85% of the women

If You Wanna Be Successful, Learn To Be Financially Literate

The Spice Girls were the epitome of confidence and femininity in the late 1990s. Who could forget the catchy song "Wannabe"? The Englishwomen in the group were not afraid to speak their minds—as the lead singer sang, "I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want." And as more women become empowered, they

Online Sources Which Can Help Women Gain Financial Literacy

The mortality rate of women has surpassed that of men. Women have to acquire more knowledge in financial planning as husbands or other male counterparts can no longer be treated as a ‘financial plan’. Women now constitute an important part of the working force; have more savings and thus spending power. So financial literacy is an important

Video: Financial challenges for older women

Older women face some tough financial inequalities, that paint a grim future as they continue to age. “The lower wages faced by so many women magnify over time. So, if you are earning lower wages in your 20s and 30s, imagine the lower wages you are still going to be earning in your 40s and