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PREDICTIONS 2020 Focus on sustainability

We’re running a series of pieces exploring predictions for how multichannel and ecommerce retail might change over the coming year. Today we consider sustainability. This has moved into the spotlight over the past year as the fast rise of climate activism has put environmental issues firmly onto the retail agenda


“Sustainability will be

Climate Emergency: Fund Managers, Fossil Fuel Companies And Getting To Zero Emissions by 2050

Society is awakening to the facts of a climate emergency and the need for urgent climate action. Are individuals’ demands, governmental requests, and major funds and companies aligned?

We saw the Extinction Rebellion protests in London followed immediately by the UK Parliament declaring a National Climate Emergency . Almost a t the same

Climate emergency: Why the City needs to join the Rebellion

Hopefully we all suffered some small inconvenience as a result of the Extinction Rebellion protest. Instead of grumbling, we should all be grateful for the wake-up call.  That includes the investment community. Yet some treat token action on climate change as a burden they unwillingly have to shoulder, while others are happy to pay