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$US30 trillion surge in sustainable investing driven by forces far beyond the boardroom

More than 30 trillion dollars has poured into global sustainable investments, up 64 per cent since 2014, according to a discussion paper by McKinsey and Company which seeks to describe how approaches to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) concerns build business value. According to the management consultancy, paying attention to ESG does not compromise returns.

Reducing risk, extra returns, and being nice with it. That’s ESG

FOLLOWING last week’s column on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing, what are the issues to look out for when screening for the best returns and best funds to choose? In the ‘beginning’, we had ethical funds, sustainable funds and socially responsible funds. Now we have the term ESG. Ethical funds avoided anything that did

Getting Africa fit for the future with impact investing

Investing for positive environmental and social impact or good governance (ESG) is becoming the norm rather than the exception in Africa. More than $428 billion in financial assets have been directed to ESG investing in southern, East and West Africa in the past year, according to African Investing for Impact Barometer (AIFIB). To understand both

SRI, ESG And Impact Investing – A Natural Evolution For Investment Management?

Summary Exploring the differences and applications of SRI, ESG And Impact Investing from one independent money manager's practical experience that argues they should be integrated in core investment processes and thinking. In today’s business environment, social investing methodologies can add a series of new astute business analysis factors and be seen as a natural evolution

How to fight modern slavery: question company supply chains

Today, there are more than 40 million people suffering in some form of modern slavery. That’s the combined population of New York, London and Bangkok. Modern slavery is a lucrative, US$150 billion industry. And it’s hidden in plain sight. All of us share a responsibility to tackle this issue. In financial services, for example, socially responsible investing

It’s the Small Things: Sustainable Investment Trends

1. WOW! ESG Is B.I.G. In the U.S., the number of investment products —including mutual funds, ETFs and variable annuities—that screen for environmental, social and governance criteria has grown at a compound annual rate of 29% a year since 2010, according to The US SIF Foundation. —CNBC 2. Is Recycling an E-waste of Time? According

Building a more humane world has caught the imagination

A recognition that the world’s resources are finite and the desire to build the kind of society we want our children to grow up in, is the area of impact investment which is increasingly catching the imagination of the investment community. Given that all investments have an impact – by either supporting or not supporting a

How to Drive Competitive Returns with Impact Investing

Businesses that incorporate “material environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into their strategy, operations and culture will outperform [others that do not] over the long term,” is the underlying philosophy at New York City-based Inherent Group, a family office that manages equity and debt investments. Two factors lie at the core of Inherent’s investment philosophy,

Sexual Harassment Screens Making It Into ETF ESG World

If there's one hot topic that Americans may remember about 2017, it's the wave of sexual harassment cases that took the corporate world by storm. From famous actors, producers and entertainers to newscasters, big corporate figures and politicians, the Harvey Weinstein epidemic has cost many their jobs, reputations and marriages. But as the stories continue to

What’s the difference between ESG and Impact Investing?

Today’s individual investor wants more than just attractive returns. They want to know how their investments can make a difference. They want to maximize rates of return while ensuring the investment will make a positive impact on the world. It’s what we call the impact investment revolution, and it’s just beginning. Investment advisors who are

Goldman Sachs analysts on impact investing

Impact investing and sustainable investment solutions are becoming more and more popular on Wall Street. But there is a misconception that these solutions, which consider the environmental and social impact of investments, are not focused on getting the most return on investors' capital. Derek Bingham is the head of GS Sustain Americas, Goldman Sachs' US