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As coronavirus infects markets, sustainable funds prove their mettle

For years, sustainable investing was viewed with suspicion. Could portfolios that avoided oil and gas companies, tobacco, and other profitable but controversial industries have high enough returns to satisfy investors? Would they survive during times of market upheaval? The COVID-19-fueled financial crisis is proving the naysayers wrong. Sustainable funds — dubbed Environmental, Social, and Governance

Microsoft stock is the biggest winner from environmental and socially responsible investing

Microsoft has been the biggest winner from stock market investment into environmental, social, and governance-oriented (ESG) funds, according to financial data company EPFR. The Windows creator is among the tech giants benefitting as savers increasingly prioritize climate and social concerns when investing. ESG funds held $2.3 billion worth of Microsoft stock as of Dec. 31,

Amid climate crisis, investors are starting to put their money towards a sustainable future

The risks of climate change are already impacting investors, with increasingly frequent climate disasters like wildfires, drought, flooding and heatwaves threatening business operations and properties worldwide. Many investors are now choosing to funnel their money into investments that address climate change risk. Asset managers are rushing to meet the demand, but sustainable investing isn’t as

U.S. Wants to Know if ESG Funds are Investing Socially as Advertised

With record money flowing into investment funds marketing themselves as socially responsible, it was only a matter of time before regulators stepped in to check how the cash is being invested. The Securities and Exchange Commission has sent examination letters to firms who tout funds investing according to environmental, social or governance goals, The Wall Street

Why hasn’t ESG investment really taken off yet?

In the future, when the planet is much hotter and the seas are clawing at our coastal trading cities, those dealing in finance and capital markets will look back and wonder why we hadn’t got our act together. Why hadn’t we acted quickly enough to address the burning environmental, social and governance, or so-called ESG, issues of

Looking Past the Labels

People putting their money into environmental, social and governance (ESG) investments might be in for disappointment, Greenchip Financial’s John Cook said. ESG funds, which select companies for their broader environmental and social impact on top of performance, include a lot of big names whose business has little to do with reducing pollution, Greenchip president Cook

ESG funds: What you need to know about socially responsible investing

Don’t worry if you don't know what ESG means. Odds are high that this acronym will become part of your vocabulary — and part of your portfolio — in the near future. "Environmental, social and governance" funds focus on sustainable, socially conscious investing. Such investing, “has gained considerable traction and continues to be an important focus not just for institutional investors, but individual