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More stocks for all Americans may be a better wealth redistribution method

Democratic Party leaders have made Wall Street “greed” and corporate financial engineering, such as stock buybacks, a priority of efforts to reduce wealth inequality. Policy recommendations to tax stock market gains and target private equity are popular, but one idea that many high-profile Democratic hopefuls have supported in the past has not received much attention

A Guide to Employee Stock Option Plans

Employers can compensate their employees in three primary forms: cash, benefits and stock. Cash compensation - as would be expected - includes hourly wages, salaries, bonuses, contract income, benefit plan payouts and matching retirement plan contributions. Benefits include vacation, sick time, insurance, tuition, childcare, and other perks like expense accounts and company vehicles. Employers can

ESOPs should be taxed only when benefits are realized

ESOPs should be taxed only when the benefits are realised by an employee, said a report on taxation in the digital economy. Companies offer stocks to their employees by way of Employee Stock Option Plans (ESOPs). The digital economy employs a lot of employees, many of whom are rewarded through ESOPs, said the report 'Taxation