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Great Lakes Brewing Co. to offer Employee Stock Ownership Plan

What began as an annual employee summit turned into an emotional gathering culminating with bottles of beers being cracked open. The latter was encouraged by the owners, and with good reason.

Great Lakes Brewing Co. owners Pat and Dan Conway and CEO Bill Boor saved the biggest news for the end of the off-site meeting Monday,

Vermeer Great Plains becomes employee-owned through stock ownership plan

The employees at Vermeer Great Plains, which has locations in Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri, now fully own the dealership through an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP).

The company believes an employee ownership structure offers a more productive environment because employees are working toward common goals and feel more of a direct impact from business

Gorham contractor becomes employee-owned company

Knowles Industrial Services Corp., a specialty contractor based in Gorham, became an employee-owned enterprise last month. The company’s 78 employees now own stock in it, according to a statement from President Dan Maloney.

“Now everyone has a vested interest in the company’s success,” Maloney said. “Construction is a people business. We all use the same tools,

China Harmony New Energy Auto’s After-Sales Unit Raises $41M

Hong Kong-listed China Harmony New Energy Auto Holding Ltd. has completed a spin-off of an after-sales unit, which has reached agreements to received RMB280 million (US$41 million) from a few strategic investors, according to a disclosure filing.

Automobile industry-focused investment firm Leaguer Auto and Aotuo Investment have agreed to invest in Independent Aftersales

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Lytle signs owner sells company to employees

First it was Ray and Florence back when the company started in 1948. Then it was Rex and Emmie for about 50 years. Under Rex’s guidance the company has grown. You’ve probably seen their signs. They make all of the Sinclair signs, a lot of Cafe Rio’s, most of the College of Southern Idaho, the

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It’s Little Wonder ESOP Employees Worry Less

Despite a growing economy, millions of American continue to experience ongoing anxiety about their current and future economic well-being. Yet a new study indicates there is one group of workers who are feeling more financially secure and optimistic about their future than average workers: employees who work in private, employee-owned businesses.

In a new poll from 

Double Envelope delivers through a century of transitions

In the past century, Double Envelope has grown from a company of three stockholding officers and four employees to an employee stock ownership business under BSC Ventures Holdings, Inc. with four locations and 450 employees.

It was founded by the Baer family in 1917, and the name derived from its original business of manufacturing two-compartment envelopes

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Former Piggly Wiggly employees told stock values plummet to near zero

The employee-owned parent of Piggly Wiggly Carolina is now essentially worthless, and former workers will not receive stock payouts this year, according to a letter from the head of the once-prominent supermarket chain. “The company has no positive value,” said David R. Schools, president of Mount Pleasant-based Greenbax Enterprises, in a recent mailing to participants in

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What Happens When The Consultants Own The Business

Hiring a consultant: It’s a decision that many growing businesses make at some point in their history. Whether it’s to tackle thorny challenges or to develop plans to chase new opportunities, getting the advice from a trusted advisor can be a godsend for a fast-growth company.

But what happens when the consultants get the chance to

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