COVID-19 accentuates the need for employee financial wellness

With layoffs, job losses and stock market fluctuations, nearly everyone is experiencing some sort of economic repercussion from the pandemic. In fact, the U.S. Department of Labor now shows that there are more jobless claims than during the Great Recession or any natural disaster.

The government is stepping in to help with

Employee financial wellness vs. the coronavirus: Which will win?

By the time coronavirus COVID-19 is done wreaking havoc, some workers may find their personal finances in ruins. Visits to doctors or hospitals, missed work from staying home sick (and not even necessarily sick with COVID-19), workplace closures, all can add up. A recent study from Prudential finds that 54% of

The Financial Well-Being of Employees

What this means is that companies are starting to show more compassion towards their staff by being more proactive when it comes to ensuring employees are more educated on financial matters and long-term financial planning. Some companies are bringing in counselors to speak with their employees about their finances and their strategies for the future.

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