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Don’t Let This Crisis Go To Waste When It Comes To Your Financial Wellness

With unemployment on the rise and many businesses unable to operate, this is a tough financial time for many people. But if you’re fortunate enough to not have your family income reduced during this pandemic, there are some opportunities to protect yourself from a future loss of income and grow your long-term wealth. As former

Worried about money? Here are 5 tips to weather the financial storm

Economic uncertainty is at an all-time high, with investors dumping stocks, workers being laid off, and local businesses closing their doors due to the coronavirus crisis. It has left many Americans wondering what they should do with their money right now. Here are some expert tips to weather this financial storm. 1. Look at your emergency

The State Of Savings In America

Entering a new year is a time many begin setting goals for themselves. Time and time again, people start the year saying they are going to save more and spend less, so as 2020 begins, savings is once again top of mind. While many consumers set this goal, the state of savings in America shows

20 Financial Resolutions for 2020 from the AICPA

The start of a new year is one of the few times where people actively look for opportunities to improve their lives. This is the perfect occasion for Americans to take a big picture look at their financial situation, check-in on their financial goals and set some new ones. To help Americans set useful financial

Can You Answer These 6 Basic Financial Questions? Most People Only Get 2 Right.

Can you answer these six basic financial questions? Most people answer only two questions correctly. Let's see how well you do. Basic Financial Literacy Questions These six questions on credit history, net worth, interest rates and student loans were developed by Annamaria Lusardi, Director of the Global Financial Literacy Excellence Center (GFLEC) at The George

Push Your Clients to Seed an Emergency Fund

The biggest financial mistake most Americans are making is not maintaining an emergency fund. “I’ve written and spoken about this issue before, but it bears repeating because this truly is a national crisis,” said Carla Dearing, chief executive officer of SUM180, an online financial wellness service located in Lexington, Ky. “The single worst money mistake