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A better way to share the wealth

Many Washington conversations about inequality focus on income. The amount of money that American workers and families make is indeed important for their economic security—on average, wages and salaries account for nearly 80% of income for U.S. households. The income inequality and wage stagnation that have persisted for decades certainly pose threats to the health of

The Family Geography of the American Dream

The American Dream is in relatively good shape in some communities—like Seattle and Salt Lake—but in comparatively bad shape in other communities—like Atlanta and Baltimore. This means poor kids raised in cities like Seattle and Salt Lake City have a much better chance of moving up in the world, income-wise, than children raised in Atlanta and Baltimore.

“Separate and unequal:” 50 years later, a landmark report on US racial inequality still resonates

Our nation is moving toward two societies, one black, one white—separate and unequal.” This was the main conclusion of the US National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders in a scathing 1968 report (pdf). In the summer of 1967, president Lyndon Johnson convened an 11-member committee to investigate the race riots and disorder that broke out in Detroit, Newark,