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EU heads promise to stick with sustainability in COVID-19 recovery

Members of the European Council added a reference to the green transition to the draft joint statement after a virtual summit. Prime ministers and presidents of EU countries urged officials on all levels to integrate sustainability measures in efforts to heal the economy from the damage amid the COVID-19 outbreak. The European Union must integrate

Could the coronavirus crisis help tackle income inequality?

The global economy is melting down. There is no sugar coating that. Catastrophic disruptions like the one coronavirus containment measures are visiting on industries, business and workers are already producing tremendous pain. It will likely get worse, along with the already devastating human toll. But profound upheavals like the one we are experiencing now also create unprecedented opportunities

Employee financial wellness vs. the coronavirus: Which will win?

By the time coronavirus COVID-19 is done wreaking havoc, some workers may find their personal finances in ruins. Visits to doctors or hospitals, missed work from staying home sick (and not even necessarily sick with COVID-19), workplace closures, all can add up. A recent study from Prudential finds that 54% of employees surveyed said they are not prepared financially

Coronavirus Is Exposing Deficiencies in U.S. Health Care

Coronavirus is spreading rapidly across the U.S. and — like other major epidemics — is shedding a merciless light on the failings of the U.S. health care delivery system The first is its deficient primary care capability. Many Americans lack access to affordable primary care providers they know and trust, and who know them. In the case

The disease always gets a head start: how to handle an epidemic

A patient presents at an emergency department somewhere in the world. They are feverish and vomiting. Doctors suspect it is influenza, but they are wrong. When the outbreak of a virulent new disease such as the coronavirus is identified, the starting gun is fired on a vast, multimillion-dollar international effort to try to contain it. But nothing