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The Tech That Could Be Our Best Hope for Fighting COVID-19—and Future Outbreaks

Battling a pandemic as serious as COVID-19 requires drastic responses, and political leaders and public-health officials have turned to some of the most radical strategies available. What began with a lockdown of one city in China quickly expanded to the quarantine of an entire province, and now entire countries including Italy. While social isolation and

Powerful antibiotic discovered using machine learning for first time

A powerful antibiotic that kills some of the most dangerous drug-resistant bacteria in the world has been discovered using artificial intelligence.

The drug works in a different way to existing antibacterials and is the first of its kind to be found by setting AI loose on vast digital libraries of pharmaceutical compounds.

Tests showed that the drug

Artificial intelligence and health care: The revolution has not yet come

Health products powered by artificial intelligence, or AI, are streaming into our lives, from virtual doctor apps to wearable sensors and drugstore chatbots. IBM boasted that its AI could “outthink cancer.” Others say computer systems that read X-rays will make radiologists obsolete.

“There’s nothing that I’ve seen in my 30-plus years studying medicine that could be as impactful and transformative”

How can AI help ESG investing?

At the crossroads of technology, innovation, and sustainability, artificial intelligence has the ability to make a dramatic impact on ESG investing—that is, accounting for environmental, social, and governance risks and opportunities in investing. While AI can unearth key data for investors seeking sustainable investments, discerning unreliable information will be a key challenge and humans will not be

Artificial Intelligence: Charting a new course for financial wellness

The past few years have been a race for relevance for wealth managers, with the financial services sector undergoing massive changes. Customer expectations, regulatory developments and the increasing impact of technologies are driving a paradigm shift in the market. Therefore wealth management organizations are assessing their growth strategies and identifying ways to capitalize through new

The Next Big Tech Trend Is Humanity

The next big tech trend is humanity, was a big theme coming out of the World Government Summit in Dubai in February 2018, delivered by an all-star cast including Narendra Modi, Christine Lagarde, Malcolm Gladwell and

I found it very refreshing despite being the only “adult supervision” on a cryptocurrency panel talking about professional

4 Trends That Will Help Executives Create A Better World

The Fourth Industrial Revolution promises to change the way we live and work by marrying physical assets with digital technologies like analytics, artificial intelligence, cognitive technologies and the internet of things (IoT). Executives worldwide believe it’s going to be a change for the better.

In a recent report from Deloitte and Forbes Insights, “The Fourth

Trust me, I’m an impact investor: How your funds can feed, heal, and power the world

If you thought that being an altruistic investor and generating financial returns were mutually exclusive, you would be wrong.

Investment has the potential to be rewarding financially as well as giving back to the global community through transforming safety, sustainability, and security.There are currently over seven billion people living in the world. This is expected to