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A Sustainable Boost To AI’s Profitability Promise

For retailers exploring artificial intelligence (AI) to inform decision-making, the primary motivator revolves around either profitability or sometimes sustainability. For those companies still in doubt as to whether either is enough of a reason to outsource such activities, the message is clear — they're the same thing. The link between AI and sustainability initiatives is

AI for rare diseases: putting tech to work for small populations

With the 12th annual Rare Disease Day on the horizon, it’s a pertinent time to think about how one of the most exciting technological innovations of the last decade, artificial intelligence (AI), could help transform the lives of people living with these difficult conditions. Ironically, rare diseases add up. One estimate is that more than

Could AI replace the finger prick blood sugar test?

Some recent reports in the media suggest that the pace of AI development is slowing down. Despite this, AI developers continue to design cutting-edge technology that promises to, someday, make daily life easier for everyone. Certain AI technologies are being tailored to improve treatments for specific health issues. For example, scientists recently developed an AI system