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New understanding of brain structure offers insights into Alzheimer’s

A new study has revealed more detail about key brain cells. The team of investigators has found that a structure in the brain is arranged differently than the scientific community once believed. The discovery may have implications for the understanding of neurodegenerative illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease. The researchers have published their findings in the

Low-carb diet may reverse age-related brain deterioration, study finds

A low carbohydrate diet may prevent and even reverse age-related damage to the brain, research has found. By examining brain scans, researchers found that brain pathways begin to deteriorate in our late 40s – earlier than was believed. “Neurobiological changes associated with ageing can be seen at a much younger age than would be expected,

Lithium microdose could stop Alzheimer’s from advancing

Some recent studies in rodents have suggested that lithium may help treat Alzheimer’s disease. A new study in rats adds to this evidence, showing that a microdose of the compound can halt the progression of this neurodegenerative condition, even in its later stages. In 2017, Medical News Today reported on a study that proposed that the mood stabilizer lithium