How we produce and consume food and energy and how we move people and goods around have an impact on our environment, climate and health. The European Environment Agency’s new photo competition, ‘Sustainably Yours’, invites Europeans to send photos of the challenges and opportunities in making food, energy and mobility choices more sustainable.

The EEA’s photo competition, ‘Sustainably Yours’, aims to engage European citizens to reflect on the environment and climate impacts of food, energy and mobility. It is your chance to showcase your talent as a photographer and have a say in the societal debate about turning our societies more sustainable.

To participate, simply send us your best photos, by 15 May 2019, on any of these three topics:

1. Sustainable food

Can you capture what sustainable food looks like, or what it does not look like? Can you show how it is produced and reaches our plates? What are the solutions to make our food system more sustainable?

2. Sustainable energy

We use energy for everything from heating our homes and manufacturing products to moving around and charging our mobiles. Can you show what our dependency on energy looks like or how we can produce energy without negative effects on our environment and climate? What is stopping us?

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