It’s been my experience that people love to hear about the perks of working for New Belgium, such as the free bikes and beers and the opportunity to go on four-week sabbaticals. Who wouldn’t? The fact that New Belgium also has a full-time physician on staff also tends to blow people’s minds.

But, in my opinion, there’s more than the perks to what makes the culture there so special. I think Bryan Simpson, a 19-year-veteran of the company who serves as New Belgium’s PR director, summed it up nicely when he wrote:

“Progressive business practices like employee ownership and open book management enable our co-workers to share in the company’s success and in our challenges, pulling us together as a team and a family. It’s especially rewarding to see that the values that have driven us for the last 25 years continue to resonate with our co-workers and show results in the marketplace. As a member of the B Corp community, we believe business can be a powerful force for good in this world.”

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