Sustainability and the Health Sector is all about how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions within the health sector. The primary action recommended for food sustainability is to reduce meat and dairy intake. Not only is the production of red meat in particular very resource intensive, the over-consumption is detrimental to health, with processed meats being recognised as carcinogenic by the WHO. There are also reports coming out suggesting that cow’s milk may also contain carcinogens. With these in mind, it is hard to continue to defend eating meat and dairy.

The report goes onto suggest that more hospital meals are to be prepared using more plant-based foods. The Vegan Society Aotearoa would like to congratulate the Ministry of Health on recognising the value of plant-based foods both in health and sustainability.

“We are delighted that this government agency is committed to addressing the issue of climate change and the population’s health by asking patients, staff and the public to reduce their meat and dairy intake. We fully support this initiative and are keen to help in any way we can,” said Claire Insley, media spokesperson for the Society. “If hospitals can start growing their own fruits and vegetables within their grounds or on the roof of buildings, this would help immensely to curb resource wastage and combat climate change by providing more green spaces, especially within our cities”.

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