Green Bay-based furniture maker KI is now owned by its employees.

KI announced that it completed transition to 100 percent employee stock ownership on April 27.

The company was owned by members of the Resch family. CEO Dick Resch said this transition is a dream become reality.

“This change marks the culmination of my lifelong dream to transform KI into an independent, privately held, employee-owned enterprise,” Resch said. “It’s a pivotal moment in our company’s history — and paves the way for future generations of KI employees to share in the company’s growth and success.”

KI employs more than 2,000 people. The company says the Employee Stock Ownership Plan will provide for “growth over the long term.”

The transition makes KI one of the nation’s largest Employee Stock Ownership Plan companies.

KI manufactures furniture and wall systems. Headquarters are located in Green Bay.

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