Registration is still open  for the 4th and 5th of July conference at Oxford entitled Progress Through Business: Social Enterprise, Impact and Growth.  This is the second annual Business and Poverty Conference.  The conference is free.  But, to technically be enrolled in the conference, you are required to sign up for and purchase at least one meal during the time you would be at the conference during the two days.  The dinners are self-explanatory on the site.  On each of the two nights, you will have the option of going to dinner at one of Oxford’s colleges or you can eat at Saïd Business School.  But, for both lunches, we are making a special request that you choose one of the small group sessions that will be offered each day whereby you will have the chance to eat and talk with a specialist who will lead a discussion on a set topic described on the following website.  You can use this site to choose and pay for the dinners and lunches:

Because we have 30 lunch options across the two days, we have overwhelmed the sign-up website and, if you want to sign up for meals on two days, you will have to make two payments, one for each day.

Along a similar vein, hotel space and dorm rooms are always in high demand in Oxford.  The hotels will not give us special rates unless we pay for the rooms.  But, if you make your reservations now, you will be able to find a place.  My recommendation, for those of you who are willing to stay in single dorm room or a dorm room that is set up for couples, is to use this website:

If you have any questions about housing in the dorms, you may call 44 (0)1865 276190.  If you have any questions about the conference, please give me a call at 44 (0) 1865 422725.  Or you can email me at

Kind regards,

John Hoffmire

Director, Impact Bond Fund

Associate Fellow

Saïd Business School

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