Australian scientists say they have developed a coronavirus vaccine. Queensland scientists have begun testing their vaccine on animals in the hope that trials will soon advance to humans.

A medical facility in Melbourne is now producing doses of the potential vaccine and if all goes well the Coronavirus vaccine could be soon used to combat the fast moving COVID-19 virus.

The vaccine has been developed in just six weeks by University of Queensland researchers, using a new “molecular clamp” technology that was invented in Australia. “There is still extensive testing to ensure that the vaccine candidate is safe and creates an effective immune response, but the technology and the dedication of these researchers means the first hurdle has been passed,”

University of Queensland Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Peter Hoj said in a statement.  “We’ve been using this technology to produce vaccines for some of the world’s biggest viruses including ebola, MERS coronavirus and nipah,” Dr Keith Chappell, senior research fellow and UQ’s School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences, said in an explanatory video.

A vaccine for the Coronavirus can’t come soon enough. The Coronavirus outbreak, which began in December, has killed 2,400 people and infected nearly 100,000 people globally in China.

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