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Rethinking Sustainability In The Middle Of A Pandemic

2020 is making us rethink our lives, per the pandemic and other worldwide events, which is why sustainability is fast becoming the new business reality.  

Some people would call 2020 “biblical.” Fires raged across Australia for almost 80 days; a locust plague has ravaged East Africa; the Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically changed our way of living;

85% Of Americans Are Thinking About Sustainability As Much As Or More Than Ever

Most of us want the government and brands to prioritize sustainability even while facing other issues.

When the coronavirus shutdown hit California, San Diego-based clean manufacturing firm Genomatica sent its desk workers home to work remotely, which gave more room to its lab workers to maintain physical distance from one

How Businesses Can Make Sustainability Programs More Meaningful

Before the coronavirus reached pandemic levels, nine in ten executives said their businesses felt the increasing impacts of climate change, according to a recent Deloitte Global report. Yet business environmental sustainability initiatives often failed to match executives’ sense of urgency, the report states.

One reason for

Investors’ next high-yield bets should be on ocean sustainability, researchers say

  • As the world grapples with climate change and an economic downturn, new research from the World Resources Institute suggests that sustainable ocean-based investments will yield benefits at least five times greater than the costs.
  • Over the next 30 years, investing $2 trillion to $3.7 trillion globally across several sustainable ocean-based

Why are boards reluctant to put sustainability on the agenda – and how can we change this?

Today’s corporations, faced with highly increased environmental as well as social challenges, are at a crossroads. They can take proactive steps to adapt or they can risk being left behind. Sustainability is a critical business issue. All companies should be focusing on it.

Wall Street research, academic papers, corporate reports and trends from major investors all

Will Sustainability Remain a Corporate Priority After Covid-19?

Key insights:

In Venice, Italy, without a gondola or tourist in sight, a jellyfish was spotted wading through the city’s famous

What a sustainable circular economy would look like

As the COVID-19 outbreak has halted the world, we are witnessing the life sciences industry come together and aggressively react to one of the gravest threats of our lifetime. The stock market’s reaction to the outbreak has been unprecedented with daily 1,000 point moves in the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) becoming standard fare, and

Think Holistically About Sustainability — It’s Much More Than Climate

While many people think sustainability is about green policies, that is only part of the story, says VMware Vice President, Sustainability Strategy Nicola Acutt.  “Our view is holistic and inclusive of sustainability for people and the planet.”

Indeed, Acutt says VMware frames its definition of sustainability around three ideas: people, planet and product. “For us, sustainability

Five ways the coronavirus could change how we think about sustainability

The coronavirus pandemic has rallied a remarkable response from governments, NGOs, businesses, healthcare professionals and citizens. Arguably, this period of crisis has also exposed vulnerabilities in our economies and the systems on which we all rely. Looking ahead, we think investors will increasingly use sustainability as a lens to highlight major global risks and

Are The First Signs Of Sustainability Emerging From The Pandemic?

If there was ever a doubt the first signs of a more sustainable planet are emerging from the pandemic, consider this statement, a key finding from a recent Oxford Economics study of 1,000 supply chain executives:

“Sustainability will be a growing focus for organizations across industries over the coming years as they seek to meet internal

A Sustainable Boost To AI’s Profitability Promise

For retailers exploring artificial intelligence (AI) to inform decision-making, the primary motivator revolves around either profitability or sometimes sustainability. For those companies still in doubt as to whether either is enough of a reason to outsource such activities, the message is clear — they’re the same thing.

The link between AI and sustainability initiatives is nothing

Why we can’t go back to ‘normal’: 5 appeals for a sustainable post-pandemic economy

All over the world, calls for strategies to return to a normal life after the Covid-19 crisis are emerging. Due to the severe economic cuts and the terrifying losses of lives and livelihoods, ideas to transform the economic system towards sustainability run the danger of becoming drowned by those voices pressing for a fast return to

How the Sustainable Development Goals can help cities focus COVID-19 recovery

rior to COVID-19, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were gaining traction among local governments and city leaders as a framework to focus local policy on ambitious targets around inclusion, equity, and sustainability. Several cities published reports of their local progress on the SDGs in Voluntary Local Reviews (VLR), echoing the official format used by countries

Aquaponics Presents A New Way To Grow Sustainable Fish And Veggies

One of the newer innovations in food production is a closed-loop system called aquaponics, where fish and veggies are grown together using recirculated water. With population levels set to reach 9.7 billion by 2050, more mouths to feed calls for food production methods that are both eco-friendly and resource-conscious.

What it Takes to Shift to a Sustainability Mindset and Why It’s Worth the Effort

If a company fosters a sustainability mindset and makes it dictate its approach to business management, it leads to cost reduction, the formation of a new consumer base, and the development of talent in the organization. A company that embeds a sustainability mindset receives a long-term goal that will be consistent with its core business

Coronavirus has proven the dependence society has on scientific data

Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg said the coronavirus pandemic emphasized the importance of listening to experts during a time of crisis, and the same should be applied to climate change.

Thunberg took part in a digital conversation with earth systems scientist Johan Rockström, who also serves as the director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate

The Coronavirus Pandemic Could Give Business Leaders a Broader Mandate for Sustainability

As the world braces for what could be the worst of the coronavirus pandemic, we need to also think about how we come out the other end of this. It may be instinctive to return to the status quo ante as soon as possible. Compared to our current situation, it represents safety, health and prosperity,

To Consumers, Sustainability Looks Different Now

It’s easy to think that consumers, immersed in COVID-19 upheaval, are thinking less about the planet, and more about personal health now. And certainly, it’s always been true that in periods of economic distress, environmental concerns decline.

But new research from Getty Images shows that people are now linking the health of the environment to their