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Family offices lead the way on impact investing

When former investment manager Ron Cordes started a charitable foundation in 2007, he got frustrated because he could only “do good” when he was actively giving the money away to needy causes. Then Cordes discovered impact investing. “We became passionate about sustainability,” he told Reuters. At first, the Cordes Foundation allocated 20% of its $10

$US30 trillion surge in sustainable investing driven by forces far beyond the boardroom

More than 30 trillion dollars has poured into global sustainable investments, up 64 per cent since 2014, according to a discussion paper by McKinsey and Company which seeks to describe how approaches to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) concerns build business value. According to the management consultancy, paying attention to ESG does not compromise returns.

Five Things Retailers And Brands Need To Know About Sustainability

It’s the word you hear every day when you shop: sustainability. But what does it mean and what should companies be doing about it? The Conference Board has just completed an exhaustive worldwide study of 30,000 consumers in 64 markets and has some definitive answers to those questions. Here are the five most important takeaways. 1. What

Warren Buffett’s grandson and the art of Opportunity Zone social impact investing

The grandson of legendary investor and billionaire Warren Buffett is getting into Opportunity Zones, but in an unusual way. Howard W. Buffett is rolling out a software tool that measures an Opportunity Zone investment’s potential social, environmental and economic impact. Through his advisory firm, Global Impact, Buffett developed the software, “Impact Rate of Return,” with

Addressing Poverty Through Business – CRISP Social Ventures Moves Forward

By John Hoffmire The beacon of development often conjures up images of radical innovations, disruptive models and leapfrog technologies. And yet, as nations attempt to embrace the promises of development, there is often a colossal failure of both imagination and execution in providing for even the most basic of human needs. Measurable social change, ensuring

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Food for Good Thought Thriving While Creating Social Change

Glance above the counter at the Clintonville bakery Food for Good Thought, and it’s right there, printed in red. In 2018, the bakery’s customers tipped $653. These above-and-beyond incremental dollars provided more than 70 hours of paid employment to the individuals with disabilities, whose pictures hang on the opposite wall. But those numbers are now

How Venture Philanthropy Works and Its Role in Effective Charity

Donors practicing venture philanthropy see their gifts as investments and draw on the analytical rigor of the for-profit world to assess the nonprofit organizations they support. It has become increasingly popular as businesses show more concern for social good, traditional funding sources have shrunk, and donors demand more impact from their giving. To explore the

Aging and urban divergence

The urban world is facing a double demographic hit on economic growth. Between 2000 and 2012, an expanding population drove nearly 60 percent of economic growth in the world’s large cities, but those days of easy urban growth are over. First, global population growth is slowing due to declining fertility rates and an aging population.

The 100 most sustainable companies of 2020

Story at a glance Denmark-based renewable energy provider Ørsted topped the list. Nearly half the companies on the list are based in Europe, while 29 are based in North America and 18 in Asia. Cisco Systems, Inc. is the highest ranked American organization at number 4. A list of the 100 corporations doing the most to implement

Visualizing the Global Rise of Sustainable Investing

No matter where you look, climate change is at the centre of every conversation. With a wide range of global sustainability challenges and complex risks on the rise, investors are starting to re-evaluate traditional portfolio approaches. The ESG Boom Today, many investors want their money to align with a higher purpose beyond profit. This infographic

Can designers bring tech and sustainability closer together

The first month of a new year is traditionally one where we all indulge in some wild speculation to see where the industry might be heading over the next year. The beginning of February brings with it some perspective on where we’re actually heading and something has already become clear – there’s a definite tension between the

Visualizing How the Demographics of China and India are Diverging

How the Demographics of China and India are Diverging Within popular discourse, especially in the West, the profiles of China and India have become inextricably linked. Aside from their massive populations and geographical proximity in Asia, the two nations also have deep cultural histories and traditions, growing amounts of influence on the world stage, and

3 Ways You Can Bring Sustainability to Your Workplace

You don’t have to search too hard to find a company flexing its green credentials. There are startups like co-working company Upflex, which plants a tree for every booking it receives. Then there are the industry behemoths. Recently, massive asset-management firm BlackRock announced its plan to shift away from investing in companies that contribute to the climate crisis. A January

Retailers Get Serious About Sustainability Into 2020

What a year a difference makes in the world of retail getting serious about sustainability. The subject is no longer just a headline retailers are throwing around to tick a millennial happy box. At the NRF Big Show I estimate more than half of the panels I attended addressed the subject in the form of traceability,

Sustainability In Business Is More An Opportunity Than A Threat

Sustainable investing has moved to center stage in early 2020. In his latest letter to CEOs Blackrock CEO Larry Fink writes that sustainability, which involves integrating environmental and social concerns into business decisions, would be at the center of his firm’s investment approach. He also foresees an imminent and “fundamental reshaping of finance” that would better recognize

Income Inequality And The Economy Won’t Improve While Trump Pushes Bad Data

Not all problems are purely about numbers. But try to take on a single large-scale issue in the country and world today without specific detailed information. It doesn't matter what side of a question you're on. Legal abortion? Then you need to consider how poor people as well as wealthy can get access. Oppose it?

Emerging Markets Are the Next Hot Spot for Sustainable Investing

Well-meaning investors heeding the rising call to buy “sustainable” stocks might not think of emerging markets first. Images of developing-world industry still tilt toward raw materials and belching factories paying starvation wages—not companies that will rack up high environmental, social, and governance scores. “A lot of people interested in ESG have steered away from emerging

Sustainability Has To Be A Core Business Principle, Not A Marketing Strategy

With the word itself putting many consumers off, sustainability has become tainted with rampant greenwashing and misleading communication. And, while the headline may appear obvious, few organisations understand it fully. In the early stages of what will be a defining decade to come, it’s time over for business as usual to ensure a change in mindset filters

The Biggest ESG Funds Are Beating the Market

Nine of the biggest ESG mutual funds in the U.S. outperformed the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index last year, and seven of them beat their market benchmarks over the past five years. The $878 million Ave Maria Growth Fund was the top performer in 2019, followed by the $3.8 billion Calvert Equity Fund and the

Creating a ripple effect: Social impact entrepreneurs focus on people, planet, and profits

One who is willing to take risks in an effort to solve community-based problems and affect positive societal change. This is the definition of a social entrepreneur. While it is common to think of a mission-based organization as being a non-profit entity, in today’s society, many for-profit businesses are seeking to create change while maintaining a