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How COVID19 will affect sSustainability and the UNSDGs

As the globe reels under the onslaught of COVID19, the major contentions floating around are about the global economic slump and uncertainties in the global political and economic orders. The pandemic, by itself, and also through various economic, social and political avenues, will affect global developmental objectives at a much broader scale. The impacts will

6 Companies Cashing In On The $30 Trillion Impact Investing Trend

Impact Investing. That's what they're calling it, and it's a movement that has grown by over 600% in the past decade. In fact, there are over $30 trillion in assets under management in portfolios with a focus on sustainable investments…and the revolution is showing no sign of slowing anytime soon. To say that it is just a trend would be

EU heads promise to stick with sustainability in COVID-19 recovery

Members of the European Council added a reference to the green transition to the draft joint statement after a virtual summit. Prime ministers and presidents of EU countries urged officials on all levels to integrate sustainability measures in efforts to heal the economy from the damage amid the COVID-19 outbreak. The European Union must integrate

Businesses for good debate solutions online as Skoll forum goes virtual

Finding solutions to the coronavirus outbreak was top of the agenda as businesses for good met on Tuesday for one of the key annual global conferences on social enterprise but there was a difference this year - it was a virtual event. Organizers of the Skoll World Forum, that is usually held in Oxford in

Shaping a sustainable post-Covid-19 world: five lessons for business

So the day of reckoning has arrived. Having staggered on, zombie-like, since the financial crisis of 2008, adding environmental (climate, pollution and biodiversity), social (inequality) and political (Trump, Brexit et al) crises to its charge sheet, globalisation circa 1980-2020 has finally fallen flat on its face; it’s greatest strength (the fluid movement of capital, jobs,

A more sustainable capitalism will emerge from Covid-19

The main concern that is paralysing the financial markets right now is uncertainty. Investors and the business community are questioning how long this crisis will last, and when consumer and investor confidence will return, with no end in sight. But while none of us can predict the future, when it does return, one possible outcome

Guide to impact investing for beginners

Impact investing is a way of investing that not only brings financial returns but also has a positive impact on society. Most fund managers and organisations orientate themselves on aligning their impact goals and investment themes to those of the United Nations’ 17 Social Development Goals (UN SDGs). These are: No poverty; Zero hunger; Good

From Helmets To Face Masks: One Social Entrepreneur’s Plan To Fight Coronavirus And Save Jobs

“You don't have to be Bill Gates to make a difference.” Greig Craft, an American social entrepreneur based in Vietnam, is turning part of his helmet factory into an assembly line to make face masks and possibly gowns and ventilators.  “We’re still basically in lockdown. People aren't going to work or going out.,” said Craft, founder and

How coronavirus is turning the spotlight on sustainable investing

It is difficult to start any article without referring to the threat presented by the coronavirus sweeping across countries. The human impacts are clearly devastating for anyone affected, even if the overall impact is at present relatively small in the context of major pandemics through history. The economic and financial impacts are also proving significant.

How America’s least sustainable city learned to love recycling

From Arlo Guthrie, who wrote a seven-minute song about taking out the garbage, to Shel Silverstein’s Sarah Sylvia Cynthia Stout, who drowned in her own garbage, our society has long struggled with the excesses of its own existence. Today, Americans hold the title of biggest trash producers in the world, at 6.5 pounds per person, per

Maximising Outcomes in Impact Investing

There is an emerging consensus that relying on the invisible hand of markets to create societal value is not good enough. Evolving societal norms and regulatory pressures have rendered deliberate consideration of societal impact a necessity for business. Investors’ own genuine desire to not just do well but also do good is leading them to

Coronavirus could lead to a sustainable society better equipped to tackle future problems

Why are these two terms in the same headline? Because a sustainable society is an inherently resilient society with a broad-based economy, making it much better equipped to face a pandemic threat than a globalised, grow-forever consumer society. Sustainable societies develop a wide technological base. They embrace biophysical and well-being metrics to illuminate both a

6 ways social innovators are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic increases the need for social innovations to help those most vulnerable. Here are six examples of social innovators creating solutions, from communicating facts, offering telehealth services and creating microfinance loans. Social innovators, disruptors in the service of others in situations where traditional actors or the market have failed, are needed more than

As coronavirus infects markets, sustainable funds prove their mettle

For years, sustainable investing was viewed with suspicion. Could portfolios that avoided oil and gas companies, tobacco, and other profitable but controversial industries have high enough returns to satisfy investors? Would they survive during times of market upheaval? The COVID-19-fueled financial crisis is proving the naysayers wrong. Sustainable funds — dubbed Environmental, Social, and Governance

5 Takeaways From an Entrepreneur’s Profit + Purpose Social Business Model

Sustainable business models and social entrepreneurship have been gaining mass popularity around the world as at least one-third of startups now aim for social good. Prior to this shift, social entrepreneurship was often met with confusion, with blurry lines around profit and social impact. These businesses were often met by skeptics that were concerned that social elements

Financing, technology, sustainability and data to reduce the gender gap

2020 is a crucial year for women and girls, everywhere. We celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Fourth World Conference on Women and adoption of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action. It also marks the five-year milestone of the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals. This year’s 64th Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) was deemed

Five Transformational Technologies Re-Energizing Business Sustainability, Part 4

A growing chorus of global sustainability experts in business, science and government no longer believe we are facing climate change; they believe we are now facing climate emergency. The good news is that more businesses worldwide are starting to approach sustainability as both a business necessity and an opportunity, rather than an act of corporate goodwill. Businesses

How To Invest And Have Impact Through Funds

Once regarded as a disruptive investment concept, impact investing has evolved into a diverse and intricate investment ecosystem. With this maturation has come the realization that impact investments can yield risk-adjusted, market-rate returns comparable to non-impact ones while also having a positive social or environmental impact. As such, interest in impact investing has grown, and not just

Why the right investment terms are essential for healthy social ventures

Social entrepreneurs and investors often need alternative investment structures to match their needs, but it's not always easy to understand the options available. Toniic's John Berger digs into revenue-based financing, steward ownership and blended finance as potential solutions – and explains how the Impact Terms Project, a free library of innovative deal structures, can help. Imagine a young