Jet fuel-guzzling Delta Air Lines and fossil fuel-pumping BP are vowing to go carbon neutral.

Microsoft and Ikea, behemoths of tech and furniture, have pledged to go further and actively reduce the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The financial giant Blackrock promises to put climate at the heart of its decisions.

In short, a slew of major corporations are making promises on climate — lofty ones.

And it’s not just a case of a few headline-grabbing outliers.

More companies are disclosing their carbon emissions, and more of those companies have emissions reductions targets, according to the global nonprofit CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project).

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Those targets are also more ambitious. Engie Impact, a sustainability company tied to a French energy group, analyzed CDP data and found “the intensity of the commitments is rising,” as Engie Impact’s Mathias Lelièvre puts it.

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