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Walmart Challenges Amazon On Sustainability

As I mentioned in my article introducing this series last week, John Furner, President and CEO of Walmart US, stated during NRF, “The role of corporations has changed, and it’s not about simply creating shareholder value anymore, but creating great employment opportunities, making a difference in the environment, and adding value to the customer.” As demand for

‘Towards inclusive societies – Impact investing and financial inclusion’

Financial inclusion has been demonstrated to stimulate economic and social development and to move society toward a range of UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). This is achieved by providing access to affordable and responsible financial products and services that people need. We explain below how impact investments that promote financial inclusion can help to

These Kids Need Oil and Natural Gas: 325 Million Children Live on Less Than $2 a Day

Vermont, with a population of just 625,000, consumes 16 million barrels of oil a year while Uganda, with 43 million people, uses less than 12 million barrels. The Infant Mortality Rate in Vermont is only 4 but in Uganda 56 babies out of 1,000 die within the first year of life. Massachusetts, a state with

The WHO Knows Insulin Is Too Expensive. How It Plans To Drive Down The Price

Johnpeter Mwolo was 15 when he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. His body, unable to produce the hormone critical for regulating blood sugar, would now rely on manufactured insulin. He learned to give himself the treatment — four injections a day. But as he was growing up in Tanzania, insulin was expensive and not

To Save the Amazon Rainforest, It Helps to Learn About Fish

Think of the Amazon, and you probably think of jaguars, monkeys, or parrots. But many of the rainforest’s secrets can be found hidden in its watery depths, from the fish swimming around its rivers and lakes And because these animals live in a river network that spans the South American continent, studying them helps conservationists

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Learning to Balance Profit With a Social Mission

Ask Jeff Abella if he likes coffee, and he’ll say yes. Truth is, he can take it or leave it. It was Mr. Abella, however, who lugged pounds of coffee (and cacao) beans from Cameroon in his suitcase and roasted them in his kitchen toaster oven during a yearlong testing process to create premier coffee

Earth just had hottest January since records began

Last month was the hottest January on record over the world’s land and ocean surfaces, with average temperatures exceeding anything in the 141 years of data held by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The record temperatures in January follow an exceptionally warm 2019, which has been ranked as the second hottest year for the

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SCS Engineers Becomes 100% ESOP Owned

SCS Engineers, a leading national environmental consulting and construction firm, recently achieved a significant milestone when it completed a transaction to become 100% employee-owned through its employee stock ownership plan (ESOP). SCS Engineers established its ESOP in 1986, and recently purchased a small number of outstanding shares from minority shareholders, achieving 100% ownership through the

What Is Chronic Kidney Disease, The ‘Global Killer In Plain Sight’?

Have you ever heard of chronic kidney disease? Perhaps not. But statistics suggest rates are increasing. The condition is where the kidneys stop working as well as they should. It progresses over time and, in some cases, the kidneys can fail completely – but many people are still able to live long lives. The issue

The Nuclear Family Was a Mistake

“In my childhood,” Levinson told me, “you’d gather around the grandparents and they would tell the family stories … Now individuals sit around the TV, watching other families’ stories.” The main theme of Avalon, he said, is “the decentralization of the family. And that has continued even further today. Once, families at least gathered around the

How Big a Deal Is BlackRock’s Sustainable-Investing Push?

For years, BlackRock (NYSE:BLK) CEO Larry Fink has used his annual letter to CEOs to tout the importance of social progress and challenge shortsighted businesses and governments that just focus on profitability. This year's letter made waves because he's finally putting his money where his mouth is by introducing some concrete steps in response to climate change. In sum, Fink's

Immigration integration: An opportunity to reunite America

With the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary behind us, the election race intensifies and so too perhaps the rhetoric, positive and negative, about immigrants.  We believe there still exists an opportunity for incremental steps forward to re-unite our all too divided nation even in an election year. Moving beyond contentious debates and calls for

A cure for income inequality?

 Local leaders across the United States are turning to private donors to fund an out-of-the-box policy experiment they think could go mainstream: Giving cash to residents, no strings attached. Newark, Milwaukee and Stockton, Calif., are among the cities testing versions of what’s known as universal basic income, a program under which residents receive a set

Simple solar water is good for environment

A completely passive solar-powered desalination system developed by researchers at MIT and in China could provide more than 1.5 gallons of fresh drinking water per hour for every square meter of solar collecting area. Such systems could potentially serve off-grid arid coastal areas to provide an efficient, low-cost water source. The system uses multiple layers

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Why “De-growth” Shouldn’t Scare Businesses

The concept of degrowth dates back to the 1970s, when a group of French intellectuals led by the philosopher Andre Gorz proposed a simple idea: In response to mounting environmental and social problems, they suggested that the only real solution was to produce and consume less — to shrink our economies to cope with the carrying

The numbers suggest the green investing ‘mega trend’ is here to stay

2019 saw a total of 479 green bonds issued worldwide, up by a quarter compared to the previous year. And 2020 is set to be a “bumper” year for green bonds, according to Linklaters. Hedge fund managers are also feeling the ethical squeeze, with growing investor demand the key driver in hedge fund ESG investing.

Who’s Profiting From Your Outrageous Medical Bills?

Every politician condemns the phenomenon of “surprise” medical bills. This week, two committees in the House are marking up new surprise billing legislation. One of the few policy proposals President Trump brought up in this week’s State of the Union address was his 2019 executive order targeting them. In the Democratic debates, candidates have railed against

Imagining a world of sustainable, regenerative brands

Imagine the world in 2030. We’ve exhausted our virgin, natural resources. Our mines are tapped out. Our working forests are gone. Our fossil fuel reserves are done. Luckily, our leaders across business, government, and civil society have joined together to create vast amounts of natural reserves (just in time!), so that the environment is able

The biggest financial commitments Americans are setting in 2020

Start investing early and don’t worry about starting with small sums — it will pay off over the long-term. Pay more attention to spending habits and flag unnecessary purchases — it will help you avoid or pay down debt. Lowering your living expenses, such as downsizing after a home sale, can be a wise move.

Drop of water lighting up 100 LED bulbs

Generating electricity from raindrops efficiently has gone one step further. A research team led by scientists from the City University of Hong Kong (CityU) has recently developed a droplet-based electricity generator (DEG), featured with a field-effect transistor (FET)-like structure that allows for high energy-conversion efficiency and instantaneous power density increased by thousands times compared to

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